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When the voice of life is inundated by the hustle and bustle of the city, we have gradually lost the ability to capture the beauty of appreciation. In the ruthless social polish machine, the soft part of our heart was rough polished, and, in order to capture the beauty of the eyes were clamor. Therefore, the impetuous era more need to capture the beauty of Liu with the truth of the meticulous people, we can lead in his taste of the world's million kinds of style.
Bakhtin once said with emotion: "This is a loud noise of the times." Yes, because the noise, so at a loss; because at a loss, so numb. Increasingly numb soul close to the front of the beauty turn a blind eye, not to mention the beauty of distant horizon feast? We do not expect to travel all over the mountains, just do not lose that mind the most primitive to the United States to capture.
Can be frightening is that the moment, many people are lost in the abyss. Fortunately, the emergence of Xiao Liu is not only the redeeming of the depraved numbness, but also awakened the whole society to explore the United States intentions - this trivial but not the great good charisma it?
Graduated from the elite, the income is quite abundant Thoreau in the see through the glitz after they chose to put aside everything, seclusion in the hustle and bustle of the city to explore the beauty. Thus, a philosophical poet in his hometown of Walden lakeside building shabby, bursting with an unprecedented spark of thinking. In a world without a camera or a blog, he could not share the beauty with others. He talked with himself and talked about the four seasons in his "Four Seasons as a Career." Thoreau, a poetic dwelling philosopher, poet, with his eyes to catch the neglect of the four seasons change, quietly observe the rich soul, with the abundance of heart to taste the most authentic nature.

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